Ercan RAST


Are there 'moments' that you never want to end? If there is music, rhythm, passion and love in it… If you always want to stay in that moment. The story of dear Ercan Rast begins right here. After a childhood full of awareness, she goes after her camera to turn her dreams into adventures, and she immortalizes those 'moments' with dance and love. Ercan is a successful photographer with the task of being the official photographer of various tanfo festivals. Its light-shedding story is just one of the features that keep it apart from others.

Tango started the most beautiful spot with photographing in the night they organized my friends could come in town I went to the event in Istanbul is one of the really well done, the city that work their thanks, day by day I took photographs began to be admired and Istanbul from weekly and monthly edited began to arrive on invitation of the night and after Turkey I worked as an official photographer in the festivals held in Istanbul, which had a very intense interest and participants around the world and I continue to do so.

Some of the activities I worked on;

  • 9th International Istanbul Tango Festival
  • 12th International Istanbul Tango Festival
  • 6.TangotoIstanbul
  • Istanbul Tango Weekend -El Encuentro
  • PracticaXIstanbul
  • Academia Del Tango Istanbul
  • Sutans Of Istanbul Tango Marathon & Festival
  • And numerous milongas with a festive taste ...