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About Us

Tangolon is a brand that was shaped as a result of interest and relevance shown in the community to the pants designed by founder Mert Emre ÜSTÜN for his personal needs. Tangolon dance pants, with the start of production of the boutique, became the preferred brand of tango dancers in Istanbul. Tangolon made its first international promotion on 8.International Istanbul Tango Festival with a great interest and admiration, and became a brand of choice of many tango dancers and instructors in Turkey and worldwide with high quality and bold design in a short time.

Tangolon continues to produce constantly renewing itself as a brand, and improves the service quality in production of waistcoats, jackets and accessories, as well as men's/women's trousers since 2015.


Tangolon is a brand that puts quality first among the goals of the post-production and pre-sales customer satisfaction by designing different models to suit everyone's needs.


Tangolon aims to be a brand that sets the trends form the tango fashion and to keep itself always up to date with the changes undergoing in the Tango World.